SmartAdmin Plugin Licenses

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SmartAdmin Plugin Licenses

Below is the list of ALL plugins (with the exception of bootstrap.js, jQuery.js, jQueryUI and angularJS libraries) used by SmartAdmin Template.
All plugins look & feel have been customized, and this customization makes the plugin unique to SmartAdmin.

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  • Bootstrap progressbar (MIT-licensed)
  • Bootstrap Max Length (MIT-licensed)
  • Bootstrap Dual Listbox (Apache License, Version 2.0)
  • Bootstrap Validator (MIT-licensed)
  • Bootstrap slider (Apache License, Version 2.0)
  • Bootstrap Tagsinput (MIT-licensed)
  • Bootstrap Timepicker (MIT-licensed)
  • Bootstrap Wizard (available in MIT & GPL Licenses)
  • Bootstrap Colorpicker (Apache License, Version 2.0)
  • Clockpicker (MIT-licensed)
  • Chart.js (MIT-licensed)
  • CK Editor (available in GPL, LGPL and MPL Licenses)
    You can exclude CKEditor plugin if you plan to redistrubute your project under extended license
  • Datatables (BSD & GPL Version 2 Licenses)
  • Datatable Responsive (GPL & BSD)
  • Dropzone (MIT-licensed)
  • Dygraphs (MIT-licensed)
  • Easy Pie (available in MIT & GPL Licenses)
  • FastClick (MIT-licensed)
  • Flot Charts (customized) - (MIT-licensed)
  • Fuel Ux Wizard (MIT-licensed)
  • Full Calendar (available in MIT & GPL License)
  • Ion Range Slider (MIT-licensed)
  • Jcrop (MIT License)
  • jqGrid (GPL & MIT Licenses)
  • Jquery Form (available in MIT & GPL Licenses)
  • Jquery Nestable (available in BSD & MIT-licenseds)
  • JQuery UI Touch Punch (available in MIT & GPL Version 2 Licenses)
  • Jquery Validate (MIT-licensed)
  • JQuery Migrate (MIT-licensed)
  • Knob (available in MIT & GPL Licenses)
  • Markdown (MIT-licensed)
  • Masked Input (MIT-licensed)
  • Morris Charts (BSD License)
  • MSIE-FIX (MIT-licensed)
  • $.noUiSlider (WTFPL[No Restrictions])
  • Pace.js (Free of use license -
  • Select2 (customized) - (Apache License, Version 2.0)
  • SelectToUISlider (available in MIT & GPL Licenses)
  • SlimScroll (available in MIT & GPL Licenses)
  • Summernote (MIT-licensed)
  • Sparkline (BSD License)
  • Superbox (available in MIT & BSD Licenses)
  • ThrottleDebounce (MIT & GPL Licenses)
  • TypeHead (MIT-licensed)
  • Vectormap (MIT-licensed)
  • Xeditable (MIT-licensed)

Licenses below are subject to the license type you own for SmartAdmin

The plugins below are only to be used with a purchased copy of SmartAdmin.
  • App.js (this extends to the app.js and its parts for AngularJS Version)
  • Bootstrap TREE
  • Delete Row
  • JarvisWidget
  • SmartNotifications
  • Voice Command
Besides the JS plugins and the included AngularJS directives, all PHP class libs such as the: class.smartui.php, class.smartui-accordion.php, class.smartui-carousel.php, class.smartui-wizard.php, class.smartui-smartform.php, class.smartui-button.php, class.smartui-tab.php, class.smartui-widget.php, class.smartui-datatable.php, and class.smartutil.php are subject to the licensing rights to that of the JS plugins above.